• Offered at Levels 2 / 3 / 4 and 5 (see: Guide to Language Levels)
  • Available part-time (15 hours per week) or full-time (30 or 40 hours per week)
  • Available in London or Oxford or in-company at your offices
  • Available on an individual or small group basis
  • Delivered by Business Language Training’s professional English trainers

The Course

The objective of this course is the development of essential business skills such as presenting, reporting, conducting meetings and socialising in English. As every course is tailor-made to the specific needs of the individual business learner, course content will depend on the participant’s starting level, the target level, the course objectives and the course duration.


Working on a one-to-one basis enables us to concentrate entirely on your specific language and business needs. These may be:

Situational – making a presentation, conducting a series of negotiations, using the telephone, socialising with clients with greater confidence, emailing in English, participating more actively in meetings

Lexical – we work on developing the specific terminology relating to your work or area of business

Skills-based – training will focus on developing your key communication skills – speaking, listening, reading, writing

Grammatical – there may be areas of the language with which you have particular difficulty

Pronunciation – work on pronunciation, stress and intonation to achieve greater authenticity in your use of spoken English

Our Method

Our method of teaching is communicative – we aim to improve your fluency in face-to- face communication in the shortest possible time. For further information about our methodology, please go to our method.

Our Trainers

All of our Professional English training team are highly experienced, qualified teachers of Business English. At BLT, we are extremely demanding in our choice of trainers – not only do we require top academic qualifications but we also look for practical commercial experience as well as a dynamic and well-rounded personality. For more information about our language training team, please go to our trainers.

For more information or to book an English for Business course, please contact us.