Turkish is the official language of Turkey, where it is spoken by around 46 million people. It is also the official language of Cyprus along with Greek. Other Turkish speakers live in 35 different countries in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Americas.

Learning Turkish

Language and language reform is the subject of great debate in Turkey between supporters of a traditional lexicon and those who support a modern one with a large number of borrowings from western European languages. Although written using the Roman alphabet (adapted to represent the sounds of Turkish), modern Turkish is a challenging language to learn and has a complex sound system and syntax.

A practical teaching approach

Our trainers are all native speakers of Turkish, qualified teachers and university graduates. Although Turkish is a difficult language to master, they are experts in making the language accessible and in providing our course participants with a good foundation in the ever-changing culture and business practices of Turkey. Whether beginner or advanced level, every course will be highly practical and designed to build fluency and spontaneity in using spoken Turkish in meetings, on the telephone and in social situations.

More information

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