Business Language Training’s team of experienced online trainers deliver carefully structured and highly practical language lessons using virtual classroom software. Online language training is a flexible and cost-efficient solution and is often an effective alternative to face to face training for individuals and groups based in different offices of the same organisation.

Individual or group training?

One to one virtual classes work well for those who travel frequently on business and need the flexibility of being able to access their language training from different locations.  It is also designed to meet the needs of remote workers and staff based in less accessible locations.  Virtual group classes are an excellent solution for companies with staff with a similar language level and whose learning objectives coincide.

The virtual classroom

Business Language Training’s virtual classroom provides our language learners with a dynamic and highly effective learning environment.  Our trainers are expert in exploiting the full range of teaching tools available to them, including interactive whiteboards, screen-sharing, recording and playback facilities, break-out rooms (for group activities), live chat and resource sharing.

Blended learning

Although online language classes are for many of our clients a stand-alone solution to improving language skills, they also combine well with face-to-face training and digital self-study as part of an effective blended learning strategy.

Whether you are taking face to face training at your workplace or lessons with one of our online trainers, your progress will be enhanced by access to a range of e-learning language solutions blended with your tutor-led training.  Regular access to e-learning language materials allows learners to work at their own pace between lessons and to consolidate and develop their skills and knowledge in a systematic and motivating way.