Training in the workplace is a time- and cost-effective way to schedule language learning for individuals or groups of staff. Our trainers will travel to the language learners at times to suit their working day. In-company language training sessions take place once, twice or three times a week and each session is for a minimum of 90 minutes. Courses are structured in modules of 30 hours and are run in parallel with a self-study programme to ensure maximum progress.

Individual or group training?

In-company language training is delivered either on an individual basis or in small groups. Group training is not only cost effective but it is also a dynamic way to train a number of staff. Having a small, homogeneous group allows the trainer to focus on developing key communication skills through role-play and pair-work activities and to simulate real-life business situations.

Course management

Every in-company language training course is carefully managed from beginning to end. Our course management team is responsible for timetabling training, assigning and briefing trainers, planning course content and monitoring and reporting on attendance and progress for every individual course participant.  For further details, see our course management pages.

For more information about in-company training in foreign languages, please contact us.