Almost 420 million people speak Spanish as either their first or second language. It is the language of 22 countries and one of the official languages of the UN and EU.  Spanish is  a relatively straightforward language to learn to speak, understand, read and write and is greatly in demand by many of our clients working with Spanish and Latin American companies.

Spanish for business

Business Language Training’s Spanish department specialises in the teaching of Spanish for business purposes. At all levels of proficiency, training is set in the context of the course participant’s work and is geared to developing a secure command of general, business, and in some cases, legal Spanish. All of our Spanish courses combine systematic language input with interesting and stimulating discussion to enhance the participants’ knowledge of Spanish culture, politics, the media and the business scene.

Our Spanish trainers

Our trainers are all native speakers of Spanish, qualified teachers and university graduates. They represent a wide range of Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela. Their knowledge of their own language, expertise in teaching it and resourcefulness in gathering and exploiting relevant teaching materials ensures that every Spanish course we deliver is challenging, up-to-date and highly relevant to the ever-changing needs of our clients.


Many of our course participants in Spanish incorporate an externally moderated business language examination in their course. Please contact us for information about the general and business Spanish examinations available to you.

Test your Spanish

If you would like to find out your current level in Spanish before contacting us, you can take our diagnostic test here.