Polish (Polski) is a member of the group of Western Slavonic languages and its closest living relatives are Czech, Slovak and Sorbian. Polish is the national language of Poland, one of the most linguistically homogeneous countries in Europe with 97% of its population – an estimated 38 million people – claiming Polish as their first language.

Why learn Polish?

Our Polish courses are designed for those who need to gain a survival level, improve their existing skills or develop their vocabulary to meet the needs of their work. In the past year, we have provided highly successful courses in Polish for a wide variety of our clients, including a production manager in a train leasing company, a correspondent on an international journal and a group of trainee lawyers going on secondment to their firm’s Polish office.

A practical teaching approach

Polish (jezyk polski) is written in the Latin alphabet. Its grammar is based on Slavonic structures, however its vocabulary draws heavily on German and Italian and, more recently, on English too. Our courses are designed to build fluency and spontaneity in using spoken Polish in meetings, on the telephone and in social situations. All of our learners will also work on their ability to communicate effectively by email in Polish.

Our Polish trainers

Our trainers are experienced in the teaching of their mother tongue to adult business learners with varying levels of knowledge. Many are not only qualified language teachers but also have backgrounds in finance, the media, research and the law. They use a number of different course books and supplementary materials to make their training sessions interesting and motivating for their course participants.

Course options

Our Polish training team can offer in-company training at your office and/or online training in a virtual classroom setting.  You can choose individual tuition or, if you have colleagues who need also to learn Polish and whose level is similar to yours, we can arrange a group class, either face to face or online.  Please contact us for further information about these course options.