Japanese is spoken as a first language by an estimated 122 million and as a second language by a further 1 million. By many, Japan is seen as an inaccessible and enigmatic society but those who learn the language will discover a rich and diverse traditional culture and will gain a comprehensive understanding of Japan and its vital role in international business.

Learning the language

Japanese is one of the most challenging foreign languages to learn, but, in terms of pronunciation, spoken Japanese is actually quite accessible and not particularly hard to master. The main challenge comes in getting to grips with a large alien vocabulary and a writing system that is undoubtedly the most complex in the world today – one which uses Chinese characters (kanji) in combination with two distinct home-grown Japanese writing systems (hiragana and katakana), as well as elements of the Roman alphabet (romaji). Learning about the culture, social practices and business etiquette of Japan goes hand in hand with learning to speak the language, and all of our learners, whether at beginner or advanced level, will gain a useful understanding of Japanese cultural history.

Japanese for business

Business Language Training specialises in the provision of Japanese courses for work purposes. Although a very systematic approach to building skills in Japanese is required, emphasis will nevertheless be on the attainment of effective communication skills in the language – most of our clients are aiming to be able to greet and meet, take part in meetings, attend negotiations and function socially in Japanese.

Our Japanese trainers

Our trainers are all native speakers of Japanese, qualified teachers and university graduates. Their skill is in making a difficult language seem straightforward and logical, and a fascinating, and sometimes enigmatic, culture accessible.


Many of our course participants in Japanese incorporate an externally moderated business language examination in their course. Please contact us for information about the general and business Japanese examinations available to you.

More information

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