After English, German is the most studied language in Europe and Asia. It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. German is a major official language of the European Union, and,  among Business Language Training’s clients, it is one of the languages most in demand.

Business German

Business Language Training’s German department specialises in the teaching of German for business purposes. We provide tailor-made German courses, at all levels, from beginner to very advanced, for professionals working in the law, the media, banking and manufacturing. No matter the level, training will be set in the context of your work and will be geared to improving your communication skills in German in the shortest time possible.

Our German trainers

Our German trainers are all native speakers of German, qualified teachers and university graduates. Their knowledge of their own language, expertise in teaching it and resourcefulness in gathering and exploiting relevant teaching materials ensures that every German course we deliver is challenging, up-to-date and highly relevant to the commercial needs of our clients.


Many of our course participants in German incorporate an externally moderated business language examination in their course. Please contact us for information about the general, business and legal German examinations available to you.

Test your German

If you would like to find out your current level in German before contacting us, you can take our diagnostic test here.