Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken by some 21 million people mostly in the Netherlands and the northern half of Belgium, including Brussels. For those who speak German, Dutch will be relatively easy to learn – in fact, some German dialects are closer to Dutch than they are to Standard German.

Business Dutch

Business Language Training’s Dutch team specializes in the teaching of Dutch to those with a commercial need to speak the language. Over the past year we have provided beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses for professionals working in the media, financial services, the law and market research. At all levels of proficiency, training is set in the context of the client’s field of work and is geared to improving both oral and written communication skills in Dutch.

Our Dutch trainers

Our Dutch trainers are all native speakers of Dutch or Flemish, qualified teachers and university graduates. Their knowledge of their own language, expertise in teaching it and resourcefulness in gathering and exploiting relevant teaching materials ensures that every Dutch course we deliver is challenging, up-to-date and relevant to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

More information

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