Czech is a West Slavonic language and is spoken by approximately 10 million people in the Czech Republic. It is also spoken by Czech people living in other countries such as Romania, Austria, the USA and Canada. Many of our clients are professionals who are now engaged in business with the Czech Republic and are learning the language of their customers.

Czech for Business

Our Czech courses are delivered by trainers who specialise in the teaching of Czech to those who need to gain a survival level, improve upon their existing skills or develop their vocabulary to meet the needs of their work. In the past year, we have provided highly successful courses in Czech for a wide variety of business learners, including a lawyer transferring to her firm’s Prague office, a director of sales and marketing in a manufacturing company and a small group of consultants in a management consultancy practice.

A practical teaching approach

Czech is written in the Latin alphabet, although it does have a number of “accented” letters to convey sounds absent from Latin. It is relatively easy for those with a knowledge of German (as it shares a number of features with German) and more recently it has adopted many words from English which help (at beginner level at least) to make the language accessible for speakers of English. Our Czech courses are designed to build fluency and spontaneity in using spoken Czech in meetings, on the telephone and in social situations. All of our learners will also work on their ability to communicate effectively by email in Czech.

Our Czech trainers

Our trainers are experienced in the teaching of their mother tongue to adult business learners with varying levels of knowledge. Many are not only qualified language teachers but also have backgrounds in finance, the media, research and the law. They use a number of different course books and supplementary materials to make their training sessions interesting and motivating for their course participants.

More information

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