Cantonese is one of China’s major business languages. Standard Cantonese, also known as the Guandong dialect, is the official language of Hong Kong alongside English. It is the language of choice for education, business, government, and the media. Cantonese is also spoken by some 70 million people in mainland China – in the province of Guandong and the city of Guangzhou. 

A practical approach to learning Cantonese

Your Cantonese course with Business Language Training will be highly practical and designed around the situations in which you will need to communicate in the language. Training focuses on practising skills such as presenting information, taking part in meetings and speaking on the telephone. At all levels of ability, we develop effective reading and listening comprehension skills as well as writing skills for emails and reports. Advanced level courses may focus on reading and summarising articles in the Press, talking about current affairs and topics relating to work, and perhaps also handling different dialects in Cantonese.

Our Cantonese trainers

Our teachers are all native speakers of Cantonese.  They are university graduates with excellent English. Many have backgrounds in law, finance, marketing or accountancy in addition to their teaching qualifications. Although Cantonese is a hard language to learn, our trainers are experienced in making the language accessible to all types of learner.

Cantonese cultural awareness

As important as learning to speak the language is understanding the culture deriving from it.  Every language course we deliver incorporates a thorough review of the business, professional and social practices of the regions in which Cantonese is spoken.

More information

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