There are an estimated 246 million first-language speakers of all Arabic language varieties world-wide. Of these, around 206 million will speak Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as a second dialect. MSA serves throughout the Arab world as a lingua franca for speakers of various Arabic dialects and for non-native speakers of Arabic. As the language of the Press and media, Modern Standard Arabic is the most useful Arabic dialect for non-native speakers of the language to learn.

Business Arabic

Our Arabic department specialises in the teaching of Modern Standard Arabic to those who require a knowledge for their work. Over the years we have provided group and individual Arabic courses to staff from different departments within many organisations, including the Financial Times, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, the Institute of Strategic Studies and Saudi Petroleum.

A practical teaching approach

At beginner level, course participants learn to communicate in a range of social situations, to understand clear standard speech and to read and write Arabic script. At more advanced levels, training will also incorporate communication in different Arabic dialects as appropriate to the particular learner.

Our Arabic faculty

Although Arabic is a difficult language to learn, our trainers are experienced in making it accessible to all types of learner. Our Arabic trainers represent a number of Arabic-speaking countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and bring a variety of interesting backgrounds to their teaching.

More information

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