Tokyo is one of the great capital cities of the world. An extraordinary blend of traditional and futuristic, Tokyo is like no other place on earth, and indeed, some would say that a visit to Tokyo is like visiting another planet.

Preparing to go to Tokyo

If you are planning to move to or even just to visit Japan, it is essential to learn something of the language and culture. We advise a short course of Japanese language and culture before you go. Knowing just a little Japanese when you arrive in Tokyo will allow you to navigate the subway, find your way around, go shopping, eat out and exchange pleasantries with the people you meet.

Japanese in Tokyo

Our associate school in Japan offers a complete range of courses in Japanese language and culture – from morning conversation classes to individually tailored Japanese for business programmes. All are designed to build your knowledge of Japanese for use in your work.


The school is located in Meguro City in southwest Tokyo, a largely residential district. Meguro City is home to fifteen foreign embassies and consulates, one of the campuses of the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology and offers the perfect environment in which to study the language as well as build your network of international contacts.


More information

For advice on course options  in Tokyo and London, please contact us.