Business Language Training has developed an approach to language training which brings clear and measurable results. Every programme we deliver is carefully planned and managed from start to finish.

Setting training objectives

By means of a thorough pre-course Training Needs Analysis and Language Assessment, training is tailored to the participant’s precise language level and to the specific needs of his/her job or assignment. Every minute of the training programme will then be devoted to achieving the goals laid out in the objectives.

Gathering feedback

Our clients need evidence that their investment is bringing lasting results – regular attendance and progress reports as well as individual feedback meetings ensure that they are kept informed and consulted throughout the training period.

Monitoring progress

Progress is assessed on a continuous basis and an individual report completed for each participant towards the end of each module of training.  In addition, we encourage our course participants to incorporate an externally moderated business language examination into their training course and we work with a range of examination boards in the UK and overseas.

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