All of our course participants are adult business learners who need to develop their communication skills in a foreign language.  Our training approach is based on the communicative approach to language acquisition which means that the focus of all training, whether at beginner or very advanced level, is on achieving fluency, refining pronunciation and intonation, improving reading and listening comprehension, and expanding vocabulary range.

Developing key business skills

Conducted exclusively in the target language, training focuses on practising skills such as presenting information, taking part in meetings, handling telephone calls, negotiating and writing a good business letter or email.

Structured language input

A solid grounding in the structure of the language is equally important. Through systematic grammatical input and vocabulary extension, attention is paid at every level to accuracy in oral and written communication.

Cultural background

The linguistic expertise of our trainers is complemented by practical business experience and every course incorporates a thorough review of the business, professional and social practices of the relevant country.

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