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Foreign Language Training: Mandarin

Mandarin COURSES

Mandarin is the most widely spoken of all Chinese languages and is spoken by 870 million people as a first language in China and throughout Asia. A further 180 million people throughout the world speak Mandarin Chinese as a second language. It is increasingly regarded as a key language of international commerce.

Although a “hard” language, Mandarin is becoming one of the most widely studied business languages and many of our clients are learning Mandarin to communicate with potential customers.

Business Mandarin courses

Our Mandarin Chinese department specializes in the teaching of Mandarin to adult business learners. Over the past year, we have provided group and individual training in Mandarin to professionals working in the law, banking, the media, research, government and international sales and marketing.

We have a very wide range of courses in Mandarin, depending on whether the learner is a complete beginner, has a previous knowledge of the language, requires an emphasis on oral skills only or would like to develop a core of Chinese characters for reading and writing. We also teach Mandarin for Cantonese speakers at all levels of proficiency.

Our Mandarin Chinese trainers

Our teachers – whether from the People's Republic of China or from Taiwan – are all native speakers of Mandarin and university graduates. Many have backgrounds in law, finance, marketing or accountancy to add to their teaching qualifications. Although Mandarin is a hard language for native speakers of English, our trainers are experienced in making Mandarin accessible to all types of learner.

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